Staff FAQs

What are the dates of camp?

Staff Training

Monday, May 21 – Saturday, June 2

Camper Sessions

Sunday, June 3 – Wednesday, August 8


Thursday, August 9 - Friday, August 10

What are the accommodations like?

Counselors make themselves at home in cabins nestled among the pine trees and aspen. Cabins are campy, simple yet modern, and are heated and have electricity. Your cabin group will include a co-counselor and up to 12 happy campers. A bath house is centrally located and is shared with campers. Administrative and support staff live in a communal staff housing building.

Laundry facilities are available at camp (suds provided) at no cost. Wireless Internet availability is limited. Phones are available, but please bring a calling card if you plan to make long-distance calls.

Healthy, kid-friendly meals are served family-style in the dining hall. Afternoon snacks are available through your camp store account and evening snacks are provided for staff in the dining hall after lights out. We also have a staff fridge in the staff lounge.

YMCA Camp Santa Maria can accommodate up to 130 campers. Our staff team is made up of about 35 people, including counselors and administrative and support staff.

How do I get to camp?

If you can get yourself to Denver, we’ll take care of the rest! Most of our staff members come from outside of Colorado and fly to Denver International Airport. We would be happy to pick you up at the airport. Or, like many of our staff members, you can make a road trip of it. Either way, YMCA Camp Santa Maria is easy to get to. We’re located about 45 minutes west of Denver on U.S. Highway 285. Go to the Contact page for detailed directions.

Coming to camp but won’t have a car for the summer? No problem. One of the great things about Camp Santa Maria is that we are a close community of friendly people and enjoy being together. Many staff members do bring cars, and on days off our staff members plan outings together to relax, play and explore Colorado in the summertime.

What do staff members do for fun?

The opportunities for fun while you are on staff at YMCA Camp Santa Maria are boundless. We will hike, climb, backpack, mountain bike, skateboard, kayak, raft, shoot archery, fish, horseback ride, create art and swim, among many, many other great activities. We’ll spend evenings at camp hiking under the stars, playing games, telling stories and sitting by the campfire.

And when it’s time to relax and enjoy your time off, there are endless opportunities for exploring and recreating in the Colorado Rockies. Take a day trip to ski towns like Breckenridge and Vail, head to Denver for shopping and to catch up on city life, or take advantage of the many hiking trails and climbing locations in the area. Since summer is busy and bustling and time off is limited, many of our staff members plan a few extra days before or after camp to see the sights.

What is a typical day like at camp?

There is no “typical day” at Camp Santa Maria. Each day will be a different experience for staff and campers alike. For more detailed camper schedules, click on the age group links below.


Why work at camp?

Skilled, passionate, dynamic counselors work here!

Working at YMCA Camp Santa Maria isn’t just a summer job…it’s an opportunity to have an active role in mentoring youth! While at camp, you’ll experience lots of fun, unique challenges and adventurous activities in a community you help create. And it is this community of understanding, peers and encouragement that keeps campers and staff coming back year after year. We strive to create a community where everyone is accepted, challenged to be their best and respected.

Professional Training and Experience:

Get a head start! Thinking about a career in education or outdoor recreation? Get real life experience working at camp and honing your skills. The education you will get during staff training and while working at camp can help you in a wide variety of careers. You will get skills in public speaking, behavioral guidance, first aid, child development, the creative process, conflict management and project planning. Our goal is to help develop some of the most talented and skilled camp staff in the country.


Working at Camp Santa Maria provides you with an opportunity to live and work in a community unlike many others. At Camp Santa Maria, every staff member is a valuable member of our dynamic community. You will have the opportunity to help craft the community you live and work in. The development of both our staff and camper communities form the foundation of Camp Santa Maria. It takes effort and commitment, and it is worth it!

In the hiring process, we work to bring together a diverse group of people from across America and the world. Having such a wonderfully-diverse group of people can bring an abundance of skills, beliefs and backgrounds to camp. And it can provide you with the opportunity to be with people who just might think differently than you. A rich and diverse group of people brings together a complex mix of people, which can provide wonderful interactions and learning from each other.


Take it with you when you go! All of the Camp Santa Maria staff has Wilderness First Aid, CPR and lifeguard certifications. These certifications can be an asset in your job search after the summer.


We love telling everybody how great our staff is. Camp is the perfect opportunity to create relationships with people who want you to succeed at camp and beyond. If you do a good job for camp, we want to tell others about it and help you go further in your career!

Pro Deals:

Outfit yourself for the outdoors! Pro purchasing is available to Camp Santa Maria staff members through numerous outdoor gear manufacturers.

Rocky Mountain Setting:

Location, location, location! While our focus is on youth development, it doesn’t hurt that we’re surrounded by the scenic Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Not a bad place to play and explore during the summer!


While working at Camp Santa Maria you just might make some friends to last a lifetime. Working for 12 weeks with your peers in a camp setting provides you with a unique opportunity to see others at their best and form a lasting bond. Being a camp counselor is not for everyone, but for those who take the step to work at camp, the rewards are long lasting and life shaping.


Still have questions?

If you have further questions, you can email me directly at:

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